The Shadows of Cygnar

Prologue, Part 1

Rumor had spread in the town of Wexmere of a prestigious job offer was available at the sheriffs office. Shortly after, several adventurers, all young blood had crossed paths for the first time… learning they were all inquiring about the offer, they decided to band together and split the reward.
In due time, they had finally gotten a meeting with Sheriff Wendon Blazanov. The good sheriff had explained of the recent rumors of an ambassador of the Protectorate visiting Cygnar lands. After learning of the whole story, they were to meet their employer. The long black haired man, well groomed entered the room. His wealth and stature was immediately notable by his worn equipment, but his attitude was unwelcome. Immediately staring down upon the group of misfits, he spewed insults of their race and garments. The tension was broken by Sheriff Blazanov, and at that moment, the job offer was declined by the adventurers…
Once all the commotion was settled, and the ambassador was escorted to his quarters the Sheriff instead gave them another task. Seeking additional muscle now due to the ambassador situation, he explained of a special cargo which appeared to be delayed. Not able to send out more deputies, he offered them the task of locating and escorting them to the town. The party accepted and continued to move on.

The weather had picked up quickly as they traveled on, navigating their way upon hidden trails but sure enough, after enough time had passed, they managed to find a sign of the caravan. With further inspection they found that the crew had been murdered and ripped to shreds by man made weapons.
The adventurers managed to follow the trail of the assailants, and finally reached a site. Several thrall and a horse-like meckina appeared to be waiting outside of a cave entrance, and sure enough more thrall came out – though meager, they carried away the cargo from their more able bodied breatheren. As the adventurers readied to ambush, the horse-meckina turned to their direction and let out a deathly howl. The thrall took up arms and rushed towards them.
Focus fire took down the horse-meckina and some of the thrall, while melee finished up the rest. As they closed in upon the cargo carrying creatures an explosion emmitted from the entrance. Now not knowing if the cargo has been hauled off or is now buried, they recover and try to decide on the next course of action…


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